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About LEMs Wedding DJ Services

Hey, my name is Jose and I am the Owner and DJ of LEM Entertainment. Since a very young age, music has always taken me to a happy place. I have been entertaining crowds since the late 90’s starting off as a club DJ and now I’ve transitioned over to private events in the last 7+ years. This experience has helped mold me and tailor what I bring to weddings.

“He’s extremely professional, loves what he does and does it well. He’s the complete package, from the music to the lighting the planning, the way he speaks to the guests as well as getting the party started and keeping it going. Our wedding would not have been the same without him !!” – Jessica

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, to say the least. We strive to not only get to know your event but also get to know you. We work hand in hand to make sure you and your guest have the best time by taking people from different places, backgrounds, and making them come together through a musical journey.

My family has always been at the forefront and driving force. Therefore we strive for all of our clients to feel like family. LEM stands for the 3 initials of my 3 children: L – LEAH; E – EMY, and M- MATTHEW. It’s a name that I will always be proud of and always happy to mention.

Would you like to feel like a part of the family? Contact our NJ wedding DJ company by emailing [email protected] or calling 646.832.0099.

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Our goal is to take your vision and add our expertise to make it one of a kind by paying attention to all the details. This way we make sure that those “once in a lifetime” events become unforgettable.

How will LEM Entertainment Make Your Wedding or Event Amazing? Here’s How.

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